Full Ocean Marble Kendama Combo Gift Pack

Profess your true love for the deep blue ocean by completing your ocean-themed gear with this Full Ocean Marble Kendama Combo Gift Pack! The most obvious treat in this package is the ocean-themed Marble Sidekick Yoyo that looks like a flattened version of the Kendama ball, thanks to the similar design.

The perfect gift pack for the Kendama player.  This pack includes a traditional 7.25 inch kendama.

1 - Full Ocean Marble Kendama
1 - Ocean Marble Sidekick Yoyo
1 - Silicone Kendama Holder With Clip
2 - Kendama Erasers
1 - 5 Colored String Packet With Beads (White, Red, Green, Yellow, & Orange)

Standard Traditional Size:
Weight: Approx. 5.5 ounces
Ball Diameter: Approx. 2.5 inches
Height Including Ball: Approx. 7.25 inches
Stem Height: Approx. 6.25 inches

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