Black Kendama Holder & 10 Pack of Kendama Strings

Don’t go into a competition without a handful of spare parts for you Kendama – it could easily mean the difference between victory and defeat. Breaking your string in a competition might seem a bit of a stretch, but you can never be too sure! Always be prepared with this 10 Pack of Kendama Strings – Colors. 

Also do not forget the best way to carry and show off your prize Kendama with a Black Silicone holder and clip.  Simply clip onto your belt loop, backpack, jacket, etc.

1 - Black Silicone Kendama Holder
3 - White Strings
1 - Black String
1 - Orange String
1 - Green String
1 - Red String
1 - Yellow String
1 - Blue String
1 - Pink String
10 Colored String Beads

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