Black Blue Silver Splashes Aluminum Sidekick PRO YoYo - UNresponsive

The design in this Black Blue Silver Splashes Aluminum Sidekick PRO Unresponsive Yoyo exudes a graceful coolness that specifically stems from the random splashes of silver and blue across the black frame.

The Sidekick PRO is a beautifully designed and silky smooth aluminum alloy high speed center track ball bearing yoyo. The design gives it plenty of stability and great spin time for longer combos. Extremely Unique 3 Color Yoyo available in 5 great color combinations.

- Advanced Level - Center Track "C" Bearing Trick Yoyo
- Aluminum Alloy High Speed Professional Unresponsive Yoyo
- Improves Coordination, Flexibility, Hand & Wrist Strength.
- Extremely Fun Skill Based Yoyo For Hours & Hours Of Fun. Keeps You Off The Couch And Off The Phone.
- Beautiful unique 3 color splash anodized aluminum Yoyo. Collect our entire collection of colors.
- Diameter 55MM (2.17 Inches) / Width 43MM (1.69 Inches) / Weight 68 Grams


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