Black Red Silver Splashes Aluminum Sidekick PRO YoYo - UNresponsive

The combination of red and black colors paint every object with seriousness and a “boss”-like feel. And this Black Red Silver Splashes Aluminum Sidekick PRO Unresponsive Yoyo is no exception. Indeed, the weight of the aforementioned colors combines to overpower the splashes of silver to the point that people will need a second look!

The Sidekick PRO is a beautifully designed and silky smooth aluminum alloy high speed center track ball bearing yoyo. The design gives it plenty of stability and great spin time for longer combos. Extremely Unique 3 Color Yoyo available in 5 great color combinations.

- Advanced Level - Center Track "C" Bearing Trick Yoyo
- Aluminum Alloy High Speed Professional Unresponsive Yoyo
- Improves Coordination, Flexibility, Hand & Wrist Strength.
- Extremely Fun Skill Based Yoyo For Hours & Hours Of Fun. Keeps You Off The Couch And Off The Phone.
- Beautiful unique 3 color splash anodized aluminum Yoyo. Collect our entire collection of colors.
- Diameter 55MM (2.17 Inches) / Width 43MM (1.69 Inches) / Weight 68 Grams


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